Multiple Award-Winning
The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to
Find the Superhero Within
Written and performed by Valerie David


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(Thank you to videographer Michael Lee Stever for the footage and Amber Crawford of NYC Actor Selftapes and Deena Baikowitz of Fireball Network Global for script consult)

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Written and Performed by Valerie David
Directed by Padraic Lillis & Maris Heller

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“Watching Valerie David perform The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within is something so rare and so marvelous; it is the most powerful and poignant two hours I have ever spent at a theater.

Her performance is life changing, not life forgetting, and we should all be a little grateful that there are people like Valerie David to lighten the way. Her journey on stage can barely be called “acting” because of how genuine
it is – as though a light emanates from her very soul to make both her
and her performance glow.”
– New York Broadway World Review, October 2019, FULL REVIEW: https://www.broadwayworld.com/off-off-broadway/article/BWW-Review-Living-Life-to-the-Fullest-with-Valerie-Davids-THE-PINK-HULK-20191013

“The joy of this performance is in the honesty and the openness and the wonderfully warm and inclusive woman that is Valerie David…Ms. David has the kind of infectious spirit and deeply inspiring story that needs more than a one-woman show…how about a series?”
– Los Angeles Review, Noho Arts District, February 2018

“Valerie David, who has the talent of a Broadway star, decided to write this show to share her experiences and empower those facing adversity in life. The Pink Hulk began touring the country in 2016 and Valerie David began accumulating awards for this
extraordinarily moving, candid, and insightful show.
The Pink Hulk is a 60-minute experience you will not soon forget.”
– Applause! Applause! New York City No. 1 review

“Her vulnerability and ability to share and communicate clearly the worries of love and life associated with her struggles made this one-woman show a worthwhile venture. The physical parts were stark and real. The pain and loneliness were understandably striking and uncomfortable. Her story will move and inspire you. If you want to see how someone successfully transforms tragedy into metamorphosis, this is the perfect opportunity.”
–Applause! Applause! New York City No. 2 review

“There is clearly nothing about Valerie that isn’t exceptional. The Pink Hulk is a triumph of the one-woman show format. The Pink Hulk is the apogee of cancer narratives; the zenith, the apex. You can’t get much better than this.”
– DC Metro Theater Arts 2017

“[Valerie] David’s story, by turns comical and heartbreaking, demonstrates that obstacles can be overcome and that we each have a superhero inside us. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys authentic, well-performed theater and to anyone needing a reminder of
the strength and resilience of the human spirit.”
– DC Metro Theater Arts 2016

“Valerie David has a comic’s timing, a turn for sketch artistry, and a standup comedian’s comfort with making discomforting confessions. She is good company, funny, exuberant, passionate, despairing, maternal and daughterly, sometimes a bit raunchy, and always candid.”
– Broadway World

That David was able to turn her experience into a play and has the blind courage as a performer to speak about her time in the fire with such candor is nothing short of a demonstration of her many gifts as an artist.”
– Pittsburgh in the Round No. 1 review

“David bares her soul and owns the stage as she reveals the darkest time of her life…  She holds back nothing, is brutally honest and frank. This is uncomfortable and frightening but David’s skill for storytelling puts me on the edge of my seat.”
– Pittsburgh in the Round No. 2 review

“The Pink Hulk is a triumphant, crazily uplifting tonic for the pain that I’m feeling and Valerie David is a goddess. It is a screamingly funny, shockingly genuine beam of light …”
– Bad Oracle

“Her [Valerie’s] energy onstage is contagious; she has a true talent for making her audience feel what she feels. David’s journey to take back control from the cancer that threatened to steal her femininity is entrancing and inspiring. Her “Pink Hulk” is certainly a modern-day superhero.”
– Cincinnati CityBeat

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Art by Rebecca Kalant

What’s the first thing Valerie does when she’s diagnosed with cancer again? Having beaten lymphoma earlier in life, she is now diagnosed with breast cancer. Afraid of “losing the girls,” Valerie decides to take them out for one last hurrah… And…does she succeed? Come see the show to find out! This sexy and adventurous solo show follows the triumphant journey of one woman as she finds her own “hulk-like” strength to find her superhero within! A true and inspiring story from this award-winning 3-time cancer survivor!



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Trailer Length: 90-Seconds

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Accepted into 5 festivals/performances in
2022 that includes performing Baggage From BaghDAD, my new solo show, that also talks about my cancer journey…

–Pink Hulk Awarded for Excellence in the Performing Arts 2022, Sigma Kappa Award
–WHAM Festival 2022
–BorderLight Fringe Festival
–Act Alone Theatre Festival in Iceland
–Gothenburg Fringe Festival
–Stockholm Fringe Festival
–Grange Hall Cultural Center — Artist-in-Residence
–Recipient of the Mid-AtlanticUS Artists International Grant
And more to announce with new podcast interviews and IG lives!

Accepted into 6 festivals/performances in
2021 thus far,
performing virtually and now in person…

–In-person Manhattan performances at the cell theatre
(Three Performances)
Wednesday, October 27 @ 8:00 p.m.
Thursday, October 28 @ 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 30 @ 2:00 p.m.
Direct link to purchase tickets with all the info!
or call 1-800-838-3006
Cell Theatre: 338 West 23rd Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues), New York, NY 10011

–The Reykjavik Fringe Festival of Iceland–in person!
–Gilda’s Club NYC Special performance
–WHAM Festival 2021
–The Solo Festival of SaraSolo Productions
–Recipient of the LMCC Creative Engagement Grant with upcoming shows
–Recipient of the City Corps Artist Grant with upcoming shows
And more to announce!

Accepted into 13 festivals/performances in
2020 thus far, performing virtually even during this pandemic…

–Breast Friends of Oregon Pink Hulk performance and workshop
–The Marsh Theater Solo Arts Heal program
–The Reykjavik Fringe Festival of Iceland
–Stowe Weekend of Hope Cancer Retreat in VT
–UK’s Ludlow Fringe Festival
–Temple Beth Tikvah of Wayne, NJ
–Gilda’s Club NYC in June
–Gilda’s Club NYC in September
–The Marsh Stream International Solo Fest
–Arts Midwest Conference with Solo Arts Heal
–Tour of Love Telethon
–Solo Arts Heal December 30 Event for the New Year
–WHAM Festival  again – celebrating Women’s Art History Month, NYC – to be rescheduled

–Multiple Podcast interviews and Radio interviews–stay tuned for links….

Accepted into 9 festivals/performances in
2019 thus far!

–Moxie Productions’ One & Only Series in Waterbury Center, VT
–Z Theater in Virginia Beach, VA
–WHAM Festival  again – celebrating Women’s Art History Month, NYC – 2019
–Marble Church Play Theatre Festival in Manhattan
–Off-Broadway Run at The Theater at the 14th Street Y – 8 shows!!
–Stockholm, Sweden Fringe Festival in September
–Power of Words Conference in Scottsdale, AZ
–Richmond JCC in Virginia in October
–Special Performance at Actors’ Equity Association  in November
(Europe and beyond in 2019!)

Accepted into 7 festivals in 2018!

–Whitefire Theatre Solofest in Los Angeles
–WHAM Festival – celebrating Women’s Art History Month, Manhattan – 2018
–Shenandoah Festival in Staunton, VA
–Gothenburg Fringe Festival (Sweden)
–Lahti Fringe Festival (Finland)
–New York New Works Festival (Manhattan, Theatre Row)
–Come Inside Festival (Portland, Oregon)
(Europe in 2018!)

Accepted into 10 festivals in 2017!

–EAT New Works Series Play Festival
–DivaFest Women’s Play Festival in March in Indianapolis
–Pittsburgh Fringe Festival
–Orlando Fringe Festival
–Cincy Fringe Festival in Cincinnati
–IndyFringe in Indianapolis
–Scranton Fringe Festival in PA in September
–Manhattan’s Tongue in Cheek Plus 1 Solo Play Festival
–Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books at University of Wisconsin-Waukesha
–Baltimore Charm City Festival

Accepted into 6 festivals in 2016!

–Emerging Artists Theatre Company New Works Festival
–Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Festival
–Providence Rhode Island Fringe Festival
–New York Fringe Festival
–Baltimore Charm City Festival
–SaraSolo Festival

See the full schedule & past shows here.

From the Writer
Valerie David

I first began writing The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within in November 2015–the same year I finished treatment after my second battle with cancer. The Pink Hulk was updated again, as I had beaten cancer for the third time, now free and clear of Stage IV breast cancer (diagnosed in 2018)! Now more than ever The Pink Hulk must be seen as my show is a testament to NEVER give up hope!! I did not give up, even with this latest diagnosis and never should you! We all have a superhero inside ourselves to help us conquer any adversity in life. I thank my family and friends and doctors who rallied around me again to kick cancer to the curb and now I am a three-time cancer survivor!

I decided to create this show after those two bouts of cancer (and now 3) to share my experiences with you–first Stage III Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and then 15 years later, Stage II breast cancer, and 4 years after that, Stage IV breast cancer. I want to inspire and empower any person facing adversity in his/her life that there is hope in the worst of circumstances. I am truly blessed and grateful that in only 5 months’ time, The Pink Hulk transformed from a reading into a full staged production!

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War on Cancer

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Comedy Cures

American Cancer Society

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer


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