Accolades and Press

 Nominations & Awards

At its world premiere in the Planet Connections Festivity Theatre Festival in Manhattan during the summer of 2016, The Pink Hulk won Best Director of a Solo Show, and was nominated for Best Performance of a Solo Show as well as Best Overall Production of a Solo Show.

The Pink Hulk was also awarded a Congeniality Award and Planet Activist Award, raising funds and awareness for Mary’s Place by the Sea.

The Pink Hulk was awarded the
Queen’s Medal for Valour Performance Award,
presented to an exceptional performer who brings bravery, grace, and humor
to extraordinary circumstances in 
the 2017 SaraSolo Festival!

The Pink Hulk was awarded The Best Survivor Award,
at the 2017 Pittsburgh Fringe

The Pink Hulk was an Official Selection in the DivaFest in 2017 in Indy

The Pink Hulk was awarded The Fringe Crush Award in the 2017 IndyFringe

The Pink Hulk was awarded the Audience Choice Award in the 2018 Shenandoah Fringe

The Pink Hulk was awarded the WOW Award in the 2018
Sweden Gothenburg Fringe “for the show which inspired awe in audiences with its creativity, humour and content.” 

The Pink Hulk was a Finalist in the 2018 New York New Works Festival
in Manhattan

The Pink Hulk was nominated for the prestigious Spoken Word & Theatre Award in Sweden’s Stockholm Fringe Festival in 2019

The Pink Hulk was awarded the ACT Alone Award in Iceland’s
Reykjavik Fringe Festival in 2021

The Pink Hulk is a 2022 recipient of The Colby Award for Excellence in the Arts, which is presented to Sigma Kappa alumnae in recognition of their career achievements.


Thank you to Fox 8 News and Kicking with with superhero Kenny Crumpton. Thank you for this interview and thanks to Josy Jones! Had so much fun!

Thank you to the Cleveland Jewish News for this PINK HULK article! Truly grateful! Thank you for your support of The Pink Hulk and to help spread its message of universal hope and empowerment!

Interviews and Podcasts…

The Cancer Liberation Project with Hayley Dubin

LINKS HI! Drama and feature in Lu Magazine.

First Online With Fran

See my February 24, 2021 interview with Jim Masters on his Jim Masters Live! Show regarding my award-winning, internationally acclaimed solo show The Pink Hulk. Grateful to be a guest on his incredible show. Here is the replay link.

Special huge thank you to Jim Masters

New Crisis Show Radio Interview Feb 2021–go to time stamp 27:19 to hear my interview talking about Hope and The Pink Hulk and so much more!

JUNE 2020
REYKJAVIK FRINGE FESTIVAL PINK HULK INTERVIEW PODCAST. THANK YOU TO Ingimar Bjarni for the interview on your podcast So Honored! Shared my The Pink Hulk story of becoming a 3-time cancer survivor, and my mission to inspire and give hope!

MAY 2020
PINK HULK THANK YOU! Thank you, the amazing Francis Sisco
, for this interview on your “Crisis Help Show” with amazing guests Anthony J Valbiro and Jennifer Angarano Ricci. All three of you are absolute angels. Had the best time! An honor to be on it and the sharing of the 4 of us’s stories. Link to the interview is below.


amNY Newspaper Feature in March 11, 2020 edition. Thank you, amNY!



NBC 4 New York TV Interview–October 2019

The Pink Hulk was featured in the June 2019 Memorial Sloan Kettering Survivorship Campaign

Feature articles on The Pink Hulk! – March 2019 from The Pink Hulk run at the Z American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach, VA–my hometown!

TV Coast Live Interview

TV Hampton Roads Show Interview

Pink Hulk feature in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper

Feature articles on The Pink Hulk! – February 2019 from The Pink Hulk run in MOXIE Production’s One & Only Series at the Grange Hall Cultural Center in Waterbury Center, VT

–Write-up from SevenDays Vermont published 2019:

–Write-up from Stowe Today in Vermont published 2019:

–Write-up from Madison Magazine of JMU published:

–Feature in the Gothenburg Fringe Festival of Sweden:

NBC Morning Blend in Wisconsin – TV Interview

The Breeze – Front Page Feature 

Los Angeles Noho Arts District – Review (LA Press Coverage 2018)

Tolucan Times – Feature

Broadway World: Pink Hulk returns to NYC! Write-up

Broadway World: The Pink Hulk One-Woman Show … Makes Its West Coast Debut! 

Mia’s World – Radio Interview

Sarasota Your Observer Publication: Write-up

Arts for Health Sarasota-Manatee/Theatre Performance Promotes Positive Health Outcomes

Broadway World: Charm City Fringe Write-up

Broadway World: Pittsburgh Fringe Write-up

The New Yorker: Write-up


– New York City Broadway World Review–OCTOBER 2019  & Full review at this link:
“Watching Valerie David perform The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within is something so rare and so marvelous; it is the most powerful and poignant two hours I have ever spent at a theater. Her performance is life changing, not life forgetting, and we should all be a little grateful that there are people like Valerie David to lighten the way. Her journey on stage can barely be called “acting” because of how genuine
it is – as though a light emanates from her very soul to make both her
and her performance glow.”
– New York Broadway World Review, October 2019

– Eva Heinemann’s Hi! Drama Review October 2019

“[The Pink Hulk] is highly entertaining. For anyone who has had a major setback in life, this will give you hope that it doesn’t have to defeat you.”

– Melinda’s Malarky Around The Apple Review October 2019

“Valerie’s energy is infectious and uplifting. The Pink Hulk is sobering and soothing antidote for feeling alone in struggling with cancer.”

Fay Kennedy of Libra Learning Center/NYC & VA Beach Reviews The Pink Hulk at the Zeiders American Dream Theater–March 2019

VALERIE DAVID is a gift to the world who fulfills many diverse roles, as a stage performer, author,  magician, healer, workshop leader, philanthropist, role model, artist and storyteller. VALERIE has the ability to share her LIFE-CHANGING experiences by telling her story battling cancer in a riveting performance that reaches your soul. Whether you are in fear fighting a serious medical condition/diagnosis or as a caregiver to someone in need, VALERIE’s performance in THE PINK HULK takes you with her by sharing stages of awareness, fears, hope and strength.

I experienced a transformation as I watched from the audience as VALERIE acted out her personal transitional cancer journey in Zeiders American Dream Theater (known as The Z) where she performed solo in THE PINK HULK on Saturday, March 9, 2019 in Town Center/Virginia Beach, VA. It was as if I was transpersonally experiencing and living  through the challenging process with her. She gives you a template to help you believe you too can have hope in managing a series of life-changing events even though there are daunting unknowns.

VALERIE is heroic and empowering to others……..she lives up to the meaning of her name, valor  (from the French) depicting one who is strong, brave, courageous, creative, energetic, fierce and talented. I am joyful that our paths have crossed. Thank you, VALERIE.

Noho Arts District of L.A. 

“The joy of this performance is in the honesty and the openness and the wonderfully warm and inclusive woman that is Valerie David…Ms. David has the kind of infectious spirit and deeply inspiring story that needs more than a one-woman show…how about a series?”

Applause! Applause! New York City Review #1

“Valerie David, who has the talent of a Broadway star, decided to write this show to share her experiences and empower those facing adversity in life. The Pink Hulk began touring the country in 2016 and Valerie David began accumulating awards for this extraordinarily moving, candid, and insightful show. The Pink Hulk is a 60-minute experience you will not soon forget.”

Applause! Applause! New York City Review #2

“Her vulnerability and ability to share and communicate clearly the worries of love and life associated with her struggles made this one-woman show a worthwhile venture. The physical parts were stark and real. The pain and loneliness were understandably striking and uncomfortable. Her story will move and inspire you. If you want to see how someone successfully transforms tragedy into metamorphosis, this is the perfect opportunity.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

2017: “There is clearly nothing about Valerie that isn’t exceptional. The Pink Hulk is a triumph of the one-woman show format. The Pink Hulk is the apogee of cancer narratives; the zenith, the apex. You can’t get much better than this.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts Review

2016: “Valerie uses her wit and talent to soar over the hurdles cancer puts before her. And she manages to approach this whole chapter of her life with a wonderful sense of humor and love. It’s heartwarming to see how David moved past her vulnerabilities, found her inner superhero and not once, but twice, kicked cancer’s ass. [Valerie] David’s story, by turns comical and heartbreaking, demonstrates that obstacles can be overcome and that we each have a superhero inside us. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys authentic, well-performed theater and to anyone needing a reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. I try to avoid reviewer clichés, but in this case I can’t help myself because I so rarely have this experience: The Pink Hulk literally made me laugh and made me cry.”

Broadway World Review

“Valerie David has a comic’s timing, a turn for sketch artistry, and a standup comedian’s comfort with making discomforting confessions. She is good company, funny, exuberant, passionate, despairing, maternal and daughterly, sometimes a bit raunchy, and always candid. Her show would be great briefing for women facing a breast cancer diagnosis, but also makes a fine evening of theater.”

“The very same week that Wonder Woman lands in movie theaters across the country for the first time, Valerie David arrives in Cincinnati, offering her own version of a superhero live and in person. The Pink Hulk is the playwright and actor’s passionate and comical solo show about her second battle with cancer. 

Through it all, her endless passion for life, love of great sex and unbreakable sense of humor transforms her into the “Pink Hulk.” By the end, both she and her audience have shared both laughter and tears. With each new anecdote, David seems to live through these life-altering experiences all over again. Her energy onstage is contagious; she has a true talent for making her audience feel what she feels. 

David’s journey to take back control from the cancer that threatened to steal her femininity is entrancing and inspiring. Cancer-free again since 2015, her “Pink Hulk” is certainly a modern-day superhero.” 

The Bad Oracle Review

“This week, I needed a fucking American hero.  And I found one.  And her name is Valerie David. She’s hilarious, warm, and incredibly sexy.  As she recounts and reforms pieces of her life right in front of us, it’s like sitting at the table with your favorite, sharpest, funniest girlfriend. Right away, you feel her love for the audience, her ache for our solidarity, her instance on getting fucking real. She’s powerful, and powerfully grounded, spreading her feet into a equilateral triangle, defiantly proclaiming herself not just our hero, but her own. The Pink Hulk is a triumphant, crazily fucking uplifting tonic for the pain that I’m feeling and Valerie David is a goddess. It is a screamingly funny, shockingly genuine beam of light into the long, dark hallway that is cancer. I’m with her. I’m with all the hers.”

Pittsburgh in the Round

“That Valerie David was able to turn her experience into a play and has the blind courage as a performer to speak about her time in the fire with such candor is nothing short of a demonstration of her many gifts as an artist. If you or a loved one has been affected by any type of cancer, I’d follow David and try to see The Pink Hulk…the play is also immensely rewarding.” 

“Valerie David bares her soul and owns the stage as she reveals the darkest time of her life… She holds back nothing, is brutally honest and frank. This is uncomfortable and frightening but David’s skill for storytelling puts me on the edge of my seat, almost immediately feeling an alliance with her.  She uses minimal props and I am tempted to say, they could actually be eliminated altogether as her narrative and stage presence are engaging enough.” 


Plays With John and Wendy

“After beating cancer, Valerie David felt heroic. When cancer returned years later, she had to be super heroic. Valerie relates the story of her journey and eventual triumph with frankness and humor — two of the best weapons one can muster against cancer. And most inspiring, she takes on the disease on her own terms…this hero’s journey is equal parts inspirational and fun.”

IndyFringe Talks

“I loved this show! If you have ever struggled with cancer or have a friend who has, go see this one-woman show.  She shares her journey through cancer with humor and more than a little sexy irreverence. Valerie does not ask for our sympathy.  She chooses to do cancer her way, to be in charge of her treatment and how she deals with the disease.  She discovered resilience comes from taking charge. Valerie is a survivor.”

“Clever, crazy, wicked and wise, The Pink Hulk makes peace with human vulnerability and fights for life with a raging joy.”

“Throughout, Ms. David’s warmth, humor and energy shine through her performance.”
“Highly entertaining!”


Dori Unsworth—Head of The Pink Ribbon Connection cancer organization of Indianapolis
Valerie has a remarkable way of telling an important and life changing story while being completely mesmerizing. To share such a painful phase of her life with so much humor and grace is to make watching her sheer joy. I cried, I laughed, I was moved to my core, all while watching this one woman convey so many emotions I felt like I was on a roller coaster! For any survivor who has the opportunity to go see this play, I say RUN TO SEE IT! The sense of connection in the audience was palpable and by the end, we all felt like we had participated in a huge group hug. Valerie, thank you for sharing an important story that blesses and validates and encourages every single audience member. You are really a treasure!

Raffaela—Medical Assistant to Oncologist Dr. Gabriella D’Andrea at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
As the assistant to Valerie’s medical oncologist, I was fortunate enough to watch Valerie’s incredible performance only after being a personal witness to the exact moments she was sharing with us in the audience. She demonstrated strength from an unimaginable depth and a hunger for victory during her every visit to MSK but it was not until I saw this show that I understood every ligament that was tying each behind the scenes moment together, the physical and emotional pain and night time questioning and humorous wonderings I was not privy to. Valerie’s show is personal, it is real, it is enlightening, and it is impossibly charming. I think every one who works with cancer patients or patients who suffer from any disease should have to watch this show to remember the humane side of patient care, to remember the importance of sensitivity and emotional awareness in every single encounter. Valerie’s show was wonderful and I thank her for inviting me!!!!!!!!

Rob Marchesani—Psychoanalyst and Clinical Supervisor
First, Valerie is a hero for sharing such a painful and private journey as dealing with cancer and in such an uplifting and inspiring way. I dare say she makes cancer not so scary! I think The Pink Hulk is a brilliant idea whose time has come for many reasons. The Pink Hulk is a symbol for the right use of anger, which new research is showing the positive benefits of. It’s a fight for life!

Heidi Russell—International Women Artist’s Salon of New York City
Magnificent show…well written and presented, honest, real, deep yet extremely funny and engaging…that exemplifies how anyone can find their hero/shero within, no matter the trials and tribulations one is within or that may come. I highly recommend seeing this show, whether you have been affected by cancer or not. The message is universal and timeless…inspiration with an amazing dose of humor to help heal and guide any soul, man/woman, young/old, healthy/ill, thriving/struggling, searching/teaching…See it! Bring it to your community! Humanity rises together one laugh, one tear at a time. Thank you, Valerie for sharing your story and journey with the world!!!

Candace Decker—University of Wisconsin-Waukesha Southeast WI
Festival of Books Coordinator
Theatre changes lives, and so does Valerie David. THE PINK HULK performance at the Southeast WI Festival of Books was incredible, bringing hope and courage to all who were witnesses to
Valerie’s tour de force one woman show.

Michelle Beck—Breast Friends of Oregon Cancer Organization
Valerie is such an inspiration! The Pink Hulk play has all of the feels. I laughed and cried with her. She shows how to embrace the cancer journey and find a way to move on in such a powerful way!

Barbara—Cancer Survivor
I love the way Valerie shares her cancer journey with such humor and transparency. Her willingness and authenticity have a positive impact, not just for cancer survivors, but anyone that has an opportunity to see her play. Keep up the good work and spreading your joy.

Through my Pink Hulk performances, money was raised for the following organizations: Mary’s Place by the Sea in Ocean Grove, NJ; Reach Out for Life in Richmond, VA; The Indianapolis Chapter of Susan G. Komen, Komen Southwest Ohio (Chapter of Susan G. Komen), The Tidewater Chapter of Susan G. Komen; The Pink Ribbon Connection of Indianapolis; The Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Los Angeles Chapters of the cancer organization FORCE;  the American Cancer Society of Orlando; The National Brain Tumor Society; Cancer Support Community Los Angeles; Hackerman-Patz House of Annapolis; MD; Gothenburg, Sweden Breast Cancer support group; Goddard Riverside Summer Arts Camp for Kids; Breast Friends of Oregon; Amazona breast cancer organization of Stockholm, Sweden; NYC’s Magic of Moment Foundation; RedDoor Community (formerly Gilda’s Club of NYC), The Gathering Place in Cleveland, Oho

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